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Award Winning Technology

Using a combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes, the Probionate Pro-Vent is revolutionising how kitchen extraction systems are cleaned and maintained.

Unique Advantages of Pro-Vent...

Reduces Fire Risk.

Reduced system cleaning frequency.

Reduced cost of cleans and business interruptions.

Our unique probiotic blend consumes existing grease and inhibits future grease build-up.

Our award-winning fogging technology means our probiotic solution reaches everywhere grease can.

Powered by Biotechnology

Automatic Remote Monitoring

Our software automatically calculates the necessary volume of probiotic solution needed to treat your ventilation system and guarantees precise dispensing of the correct amount of liquid each day.

Your service delivery partner will schedule visits for refills as needed, ensuring that your Pro-Vent system remains continuously operational in reducing grease levels within your ventilation system.