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Commercial kitchen extraction systems pose a significant safety hazard due to the accumulation of fats and grease, increasing fire risk. Grease deposits can ignite without regular and proper cleaning, leading to potential fires spreading throughout the entire system. Failing to demonstrate a consistent cleaning regimen for the extraction system could invalidate insurance policies, leaving businesses without reimbursement for fire-related costs.

In addition to the fire risk, poorly maintained systems can result in hygiene and odour issues and negatively impact system components' lifespan and functionality, such as fans and fan motors.

The Pro-Vent system effectively addresses the challenges associated with cleaning extraction systems in commercial kitchens. Unlike conventional methods, which involve laborious tasks, harsh chemicals, and specialised personal protective equipment, Pro-Vent simplifies the cleaning process. Reducing the need for extensive manual labour and hazardous chemicals, Pro-Vent minimises safety risks and reduces the burden on businesses.

Pro-Vent's innovative design streamlines the cleaning process, reducing the need for specially trained operatives to work during unsocial hours. This significantly reduces inconvenience to businesses while ensuring that safety, compliance, and operational efficiency standards are met. Pro-Vent's efficient approach ensures proper maintenance without compromising safety or disrupting business operations.

The Pro-Vent system has been specially designed to limit the build up of fats and grease in your extraction system helping to:

  • Reduce Fire Risk
  • Reduce Cleaning Frequencies
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Inconvenience to your Business & Employees
  • Increase Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Support your Compliance Strategy

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Reducing Risk.

The Pro-Vent systems utilise cutting-edge biotechnology and a proprietary dispersal methodology to significantly reduce the risk associated with the accumulation of fats and grease in kitchen extraction systems. Renowned for its innovative fogging technology, which has earned prestigious awards for innovation, Pro-Vent disperses a tailored blend of friendly bacteria and enzymes. This fog penetrates even the most inaccessible areas where grease can build up, leaving behind a protective layer that actively digests fat and grease. By employing Pro-Vent, businesses experience a notable decrease in cleaning frequency, thereby minimizing the risk of potential revenue loss due to business closures caused by fire hazards. The integrated software ensures precise dispersion of the solution, guaranteeing optimal performance with minimal waste. With Pro-Vent, businesses can effectively mitigate risks, maintain cleaner and safer kitchen environments, and enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

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Probionate’s award winning patented fogging technology means that our probiotic solution can treat every aspect of your extraction system...