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Reducing Risk.

The Pro-Vent system represents a next-generation in-situ solution that significantly reduces the frequency of cleans required in kitchens and food production extraction systems. Our award-winning design leverages advancements in biotechnology and data-driven management systems to offer a unique hands-free solution to combatting the accumulation of fats and grease in extraction ductwork.

With Pro-Vent, businesses benefit from a cutting-edge approach that minimises the need for frequent cleaning, thereby reducing associated costs and operational disruptions. By integrating innovative biotechnology and data-driven management, Pro-Vent effectively mitigates the risk of fire hazards while ensuring cleaner and safer kitchen environments. Experience the power of Pro-Vent to streamline maintenance, enhance safety, and optimize efficiency in your kitchen extraction systems.

  1. A Probionate service partner performs a site survey and installation.
  2. Pro-Vent nozzles are installed into existing ductwork at strategic locations.
  3. The Probionate solution is fogged into the extraction system reaching all internal surfaces.
  4. Probionate’s unique blend of enzymes and bacteria digests fats and grease.
  5. Your extraction system operates more efficiently due to reduced load on the fan and motor.
  6. Your Pro-Vent service partner will schedule site visits to maintain levels of the Probionate fluid and ensure the system is operating correctly.
  7. Your Pro-Vent system helps to reduce fire risk.

  • Fill in our contact enquiry form
  • We will agree a suitable time to carry out a site survey ensuring that this meets RC44 guidelines.
  • We know that not all kitchens and extractions systems are the same, so our team will design a Pro-Vent system to meet your specific requirements.
  • We agree when your system will be installed and your staff trained on the benefits of using Pro-Vent.
  • We agree a maintenance and inspection programme to suit your requirements. This will include ongoing supply of our unique Pro-Vent biological solution.

So How Does it Work?

It's simple really... With Probionate’s award winning patented fogging technology, our probiotic solution can effectively treat every part of your extraction system...

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